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Dawn & Dan: September 8, 2006

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  2006.12.04  21.27

Our Wedding Announcement!

Or read the text version hereCollapse )


  2006.11.26  13.46

Long time, no posting, I know. I apologize to anyone who actually reads on a regular basis. First I was busy with my wedding planning, then the actual wedding and the honeymoon. After that we were without internet for awhile. But I'm back and that's what counts.

The wedding was great. Went off almost without any problems. I was (according to my mom) way too calm the entire time. I did finally start to feel nervous a few minutes before the wedding when I was left by myself in the dressing room. My only real fear was tripping and falling in front of all of my family and friends which didn't happen, thank goodness. I thought I was going to cry as I walked down the aisle and I came close but didn't. Dan (although he was sweating A LOT) looked completely calm and that kept me calm.
The reception was fun although it flew by way too fast. I danced a lot, talked a lot, had fun with my friends, all in all a great time. My dad's band sounded really good and we got to hear both my matron of honor and then the best man get up and sing with the band. We had a great turnout for the reception, more than we expected which was fine because we had plenty of room (and food). And now a few pictures: Read more...Collapse )

The honeymoon was a lot of fun too. We went to St. Ignace. It was the first time I had ever crossed the Mackinac Bridge. We ended up staying at the Comfort Inn Beachside instead of the cabin we originally planned on staying at- my mom was working for the Sleep Inn and was able to get us her friends and family discount so we only ended up paying $39 a night. Our room had a great view of the lake. We did the whole tourist thing- we went to The Mystery Spot, we climbed Castle Rock, we saw the animals at Garlyn Zoological Park, spent a day on Mackinac Island, went shopping in Mackinaw City, ate fudge (of course!), and took a lot of pictures. I would post a few but the York website is being a butthead at the moment.

So yep, wedding and honeymoon turned out great.


  2006.08.13  09.58

I don't think I've posted about our honeymoon plans yet.

We'll be leaving on the 9th (the morning after the wedding) and coming home on the 15th. We're going up to St. Ignace. We'll be staying at Pointe La Barbe Inn in one of their cabins. It looks like there's a ton of stuff to do- they're close to the beach (I hope it will still be warm enough to swim!), there's a lot of sightseeing to do, and we'll only be a couple of miles away from the Mackinac ferries. I can't wait!!!


  2006.08.13  09.45

I went in for my second dress fitting on Thursday. The hem was finished. My slip is now longer than the dress (not good) so I left it there for her (for the life of me I can't remember the seamstress' name!) to trim. She's also going to do my bustle. I go back on the 29th for my final fitting.

Hard to believe that at this time next month I will be married and on my honeymoon...


  2006.08.06  14.02

The invitations were mailed out yesterday morning!!!


  2006.08.03  20.21
Favor Baskets

I finally ordered the goodies for our favor baskets!!!

First, the baskets:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Inside each basket will be one of these:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A few of these:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
All with the silver writing on the wrappers.

One of these:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
All of ours will have the silver wedding bell toppers and will say "Dawn and Dan: September 8th, 2006"

And one of these:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ours will say "It's Mint to Be!" on the front and "Dawn and Dan, September 8, 2006" on the back.

If the baskets have a little more room I'm thinking I might add a few Hershey's Kisses as well.

I also ordered one each of these for my mom and grandmother:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also, the invitations are going out this weekend!!!

36 days and counting...

Mood: accomplished

  2006.07.22  17.39

Our Engagement Announcement!!!

Or you can see a text version HERECollapse )


  2006.07.18  22.20

What I bought today:

The comb for my veil:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our wedding cake topper:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also got my shoes but I couldn't find a picture of them to post.

We also got our invitations the other day. I'm taking them to Julie's this weekend so she can print them.
Our invitations:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think we're going to get an autograph mat similar to the one below instead of having a guest book.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


  2006.07.18  22.19

Wedding Shower Pics!!!Collapse )


  2006.07.13  20.19

I finally made the appointment to get my dress altered. I decided to go to BellaDonnas. I go in a week from Friday at 2:00. I'm taking half a day off work that day, woo-hoo!

I just talked to my sister-in-law and she told me that 34 people have RSVPed for my shower- I'm kind of curious about that since we only sent out 29 invitations...

I almost forgot... guess what Dan and I are using to get from the chapel to the reception? A four door Corvette!Collapse )

It's owned by my friend Julie's dad (she's one of my bridesmaids). How cool is that?

Oh, and I sent my announcements to both The News Herald and The Monroe Evening News.

Still to do:
1. Buy invitations. Get them to juliesweetman so she can print them.
2. Find shoes to wear to the wedding ASAP- must have them by next Friday when I go to get my alterations.
3. Order cupcakes for reception- or rather, let juliesweetman order them for me at Sam's Club- I'm not exactly sure how far in advance this has to be done. Need to find out.
4. Pay the remaining balance to the Brownstown Community Center for the reception- due by August 8th.
5. Calm down and breathe. It doesn't really look so bad seeing it typed out. Although I have a feeling I'm missing something.



  2006.07.09  11.34

If anyone wants to know what my fiance and I look like, here is our engagement photo: Read more...Collapse )

Thank you to juliesweetman for scanning it and e-mailing it to me!


  2006.07.09  07.16

I had fun yesterday- maskedninja and juliesweetman came over and we made candy bags for my wedding shower, which is this coming Saturday. Then we went looking for a comb for my veil. I didn't see one I liked, so I'll probably go looking a few other places today. It's so hard to believe that the wedding is now less than two months away! I'm excited but also a nervous wreck at the same time. I'm trying not to let myself get stressed out about all that still needs to be done, but I am anyway.


  2006.07.01  14.49

I got the cupcake stands and picks. One more thing to cross off my list! You can see them here!Collapse )
Dan and I also went to Wal-Mart to register last weekend. You can check out our registry if you want. Go to: http://www.walmart.com/giftregistry. My first name is Dawn, the first two letters of my last name are Mo, our state is Michigan, and our wedding is September of this year.

Mood: chipper

  2006.06.24  15.06

I went to Sam's Club today with my sister-in-law to price cupcakes. 24 cost $11.28 so the total for 96 would come to $45.12, plus $9.97 for a 10 inch round cake for us to cut. Not even $60!!!
I've also been doing some looking on eBay and have found cupcake stands and cupcake picks that we could use. I just e-mailed the seller with a couple of questions.
All we need now is a cake topper for the round cake and we'll be all set.

It's feels good to know everything is going smoothly and as planned, especially since our wedding day keeps creeping up on us...


  2006.06.11  10.00

I think I found the shoes I want to wear at the reception:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You can see a better picture HERE.


  2006.05.14  14.44

We (finally!) got our pictures taken yesterday. We ended up going to Wal Mart- the lady who took the pictures was really nice and I admit she made the whole thing fun. She was having computer problems and we weren't able to view or order our pictures but she promised to call as soon as everything was up and running. She called us today and we went back to order our pictures. We ended up going with the $49 package, a pretty good price (I think). She added 2 free 8x10s to our package because we had to come back again today, which was cool. Our pictures will be in June 1st so we can finally put our announcement in the paper. Hopefully I can get them scanned and post them so everyone can see them.

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  2006.05.08  20.40

I went looking at flowers with maskedninja and juliesweetman on Saturday. There were only a few flowers that were the right color but I didn't care much for any of them. I was talking to my mom about it on Sunday and she suggested flowers to match mine only in a smaller bouquet and tied with ribbon to match the bridesmaid dresses. I really like the idea and will probably go with that. I'm thinking I want to carry white roses (silk, not real) so my matron of honor and bridesmaids could carry similar but smaller bouquets with periwinkle ribbon wrapped around the stems.

Next weekend I'm going with my mom and my sister-in-law to price food for the shower at GFS and Sam's Club. We're going to keep it simple- most likely deli trays with an assortment of meats and cheeses, a few different kinds of bread, potato salad and cole slaw, a fruit tray, and maybe potato chips. Easy set up, nothing that has to be cooked or requires any more preparation than taking it out of the refrigerator and setting it up on the buffet table. My aunt has offered to make pineapple upside down cake for dessert and I also want to make mini cheesecakes and maybe cookies too. The shower planning committee (as I like to call them) will be meeting sometime in the near future to discuss decorations, games, etc.

I still find it hard to believe I'm getting married exactly four months from today.

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  2006.05.03  20.21

Two more accomplishmets over the weekend! We gave the caterer our down payment. We did decide to go with Jim's Catering. They have the best prices and we've already sampled their food so we know it's good. We also have a location for our wedding shower. We're having it in the basement of my sister-in-law's church. It's free and they don't require any kind of deposit or anything. It's a good size room with a kitchen and should work out nicely.

I was looking around Wal Mart the other night and they carry the cupcake stands I want for the wedding. (See this entry for a pic) I also saw a bouquet I liked and I saw the do it yourself invitation kit I think I'm going to end up using. I did buy a ring bearer pillow and a garter at another store.


  2006.04.13  20.30

It's just sneaking up on me, I swear. Less than five months!


  2006.03.11  17.32

We officially have a wedding location!!! We're going to be getting married at The Little Wedding Chapel. We reserved it and gave them our down payment yesterday. Yay, I'm so excited!!! It's a cute little chapel, and it's really pretty on the inside.

We looked at The Riverside Wedding Chapel yesterday and while I liked it, I like the Little Wedding Chapel better. Also the only opening they had on our day was at 2:00 and that's earlier than we wanted.

I was also finally able to get ahold of someone at The Wedding Chapel on the Green. The chapel is cute but a lot plainer than the Little Wedding Chapel. The only opening they had on our day was 3:30, and again that's earlier than what we wanted.

I think I knew after we looked at the Little Wedding Chapel that it was the one I wanted even though we hadn't checked anywhere else yet. I think it was meant to be- the other two chapels were almost completely booked, but when we went to check at the Little Wedding Chapel the woman said our day was wide open.


  2006.02.20  18.18

We looked at The Little Wedding Chapel today. I know we can't go with the first place we look at, but I could see us getting married there. It was really pretty and I liked it a lot. It holds 65 people, which will be perfect for us. Since this is the first place we looked at I'm not sure if the $550 price is reasonable or not. I've tried calling The Wedding Chapel on the Green a couple of times and all I ever get is an answering machine. They call back when I'm at work. My mom has heard they're reasonably priced, but I suppose I'll never know if we keep playing phone tag. We also want to check out The Riverside Wedding Chapel, although I have a feeling they might be a bit pricey.
We also got a menu from Jim's Catering. I think $5.95 a person sounds reasonable for the express special, although we're going to check into a few other places before we make our decision.
It feels so good to know everything is moving along and things are getting done :)

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  2006.02.18  09.33

We officially have our reception hall!!! We're having it at the Brownstown Community Center. They were definitely the most reasonably priced- $370. Well, it would have been $350, but we decided to add two extra hours at $10/hr. We only expect around 50 people (if not less) so we only need 2 sections of the hall. There will be seating for 64 people plus a good sized section for dancing and a small stage for the band.
One more thing crossed off my list!


  2006.01.08  12.42

It just hit me that the 25 save the date magnets I ordered will not be enough, so I went back to the VistaPrint website and took advantage of their free business card offer (all I paid was $5.25 for shipping). I was thinking I might buy some magnetic tape to put on the back of them. So all in all I only spent around $10 for my save the date cards and magnets, not a bad price at all. This is the one I just ordered:
Read more...Collapse )

I think I like this one better than the first one.

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  2006.01.07  13.30

I ordered our Save the Date magnets!!! Read more...Collapse )

I got a great deal at http://www.vistaprint.com - all I had to pay for was shipping!

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  2005.12.10  23.09

I've been looking for an alternative to wedding cake, and I really like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket


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